Why I'm Running

I am running for state Senate for my home district to change Hartford, save Connecticut, and restore hope in our state for the next generation.

I love our district and our state

If I had to describe the ideal place to build a life, I could not do better than Connecticut—and particularly Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan. We have great, hard-working people, a strong sense of community, the ideal location, and natural beauty. I know this because I grew up here and lived here almost my entire life. I attended the public schools and have been active in the community in many ways for years. Our district and our state are deeply important to me and I want to help make them better.

Connecticut is in crisis

Despite all this, Connecticut is hurting badly, and everybody knows it. Middle class incomes have not grown in thirty years. Poverty has increased. There have been zero net jobs created in two decades. Our economy has not recovered since the start of the last recession. Home values have fallen, and our population has declined. The problem is not our people, but the political class in Hartford that has failed the state. Over the last three decades, the state has imposed at least seven major tax hikes on the middle class and today our families face the second-highest tax burden in the nation. 

That burden is slated to get worse if nothing is done, because we also face the second-highest unfunded state pension liability. And despite all this, politicians like our current governor and state senator continue to commit the same mistakes that created the crisis in the first place—increasing the burdens on the middle class, while giving more and more power to Hartford in just the last two years.

Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.

Ryan with fmr. Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele of Stamford
Ryan with state Rep. Livvy Floren of Greenwich and North Stamford

Together, we can create hope for Connecticut

To make a better future, we should call upon the values that originally made it the greatest place to be over many generations. That means promoting economic prosperity for all, fairness in our laws, and strong community.

Prosperity requires rewarding work and job creation in our community, not penalizing them. Let’s slash income taxes across the board and reduce wasteful spending and costly regulations. Fairness means our laws should be passed democratically—not by bureaucrats and special interests behind closed doors—and treat everyone equally—not give special benefits to the big corporations and big unions in Hartford. And community means making it easier, not more costly, to raise a family, educate your kids, and volunteer to help those in need.

Connecticut has all the attributes necessary to thrive—except a government that is worthy of its people. I want to change that and provide a new generation of leadership for our district and state that will lift all boats. By building a coalition of liberals, moderates, and conservatives across our state, we can bring change to Hartford, save our state, and restore its promise for the next generation.