Our website (https://ryanfazio.com/) use cookies to collect personal data from visitors and your visitors are located within the Connecticut, USA (even if you aren’t). Cookies are small text files that act as a short-term memory for the web. A site can easily remember bits of information between visits or pages as the cookies are stored in the user’s browser.

Cookies are mainly used to:

  • Recall users’ habitual preferences
  • Recognize users’ devices
  • Help website users’ complete tasks without having to re-enter their information when visiting the page later

While cookies are meant to enhance a user’s web experience, sometimes cookies collect information across different sites. The data collected is then used to create behavioral profiles which are used to determine what adverts or content the user views.

What is a Cookies Policy?

A Cookies Policy is a detailed guideline that tells a user how cookies are used, the different types of cookies your website uses, and how the user can prevent or control cookies placed on their browser.

If you run your business within the USA or direct it towards people in the USA, you need to have a separate Cookies Policy even though a Privacy Policy includes a section that covers Cookies.