What people are saying about Ryan

We think Ryan is pretty special, but don’t take our word for it!

I know what it takes to get things done in Hartford and I know what it takes to change Hartford, that is why I am wholeheartedly endorsing Ryan Fazio for the State Senate in the 36th District.

Fred Camillo

(Video Endorsement, October 18, 2020)

I’m a registered Democrat and I support Ryan Fazio for State Senator. This state election should not be about labeling or stereotyping the candidates or the voters. This election should be about sending someone to Hartford who will help improve lives of all residents. Ryan Fazio is the candidate that addresses those issues. 

Bonnie Jean MacDermotroe

(Greenwich Free Press, October 3, 2020)

Now more than ever, we need leaders who will support our community and work with us to assure affordability for all citizens, safe streets, and the best educational opportunities for our children. Icy and I will support Ryan Fazio on November 3 because he is just the kind of leader we need – smart, caring, responsive, and very passionate.

Scott Frantz

(Greenwich Time, October 20, 2020)

Step into the scene, Ryan Fazio. Born, raised, professionally grounded in Connecticut. He’s committed to educational opportunities for our children, economic growth, solutions producing state solvency, and preserving local control of schools and zoning. Please join me in voting for Ryan Fazio for the 36th Senate District and bring his fresh energy and creating thinking to our ailing state.

Penny Young

(New Canaan Advertiser, October 17, 2020)

Ryan Fazio brings the energy, ideas, and enthusiasm that we need to make Connecticut an even better place for all people to live, work, and raise their families. He loves our state and believes in its potential, but also knows that we have much that needs to be accomplished to create hope for the next generation.

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano

(The Greenwich Sentinel, September 19, 2020)

Ryan’s common-sense approach to issues such as police accountability and his understanding of the steps required to improve Connecticut’s economy convince me that his votes will be more closely aligned with the views of the people of our district than Senator Kasser’s have been.

Henry Orphys

(Stamford Advocate, September 23, 2020)

Ryan has the expertise, the knowledge, the character to represent us in the General Assembly.

Michael Fedele

(Former Lt. Governor and State Representative Endorsement)

Ryan represents a generation that our state needs to attract. In Hartford, Ryan will be a leader who respects all of his constituents.

Women for Fazio letter

(The Greenwich Sentinel, October 23, 2020)

Young people like myself need a reason to believe in Connecticut’s future, and Ryan has the ideas, the energy, and the dedication to get us there.


Brooks Walker

(Greenwich Free Press, October 25, 2020)

As a Greenwich resident, a senior, an educator, and a mother, I am paying greater attention to how those aspiring to or serving in political office relate to those in their communities. As candidates have entered this unusual campaign season, it has been great to see Greenwich Representative Town Meeting member and Connecticut State Senate candidate Ryan Fazio engage people across different segments or our community – not just here but also in neighboring Stamford and New Canaan – it cultivates the type of trust we need to feel we can have in our representatives.

Xae Reyes, PhD

(Greenwich Free Press, July 24, 2020)

Ryan will bring a clear understanding of what is going on in our state as it relates to the economy. And he brings this information based on data and facts. And I know he is going to use that information to put forth the best legislation and recommendations so that we can all stay living in the great state of CT.


Lauren Rabin

(Greenwich Selectman Endorsement, October 20, 2020) 

Our state has been in the hands of the majority party for too long and the results are disappointing. If we want Connecticut to be affordable for all of our residents, if we want taxes to be lowered not raised again, and if we want businesses that thrive and prosper, I ask you to join me in voting for Ryan Fazio for State Senate representing the 36th District in November.

Bob Hamill

(New Canaanite, October 11, 2020)

We need leaders who will fight for the working class, and those who struggle to get out of poverty in our state, and not look for the easy solutions like Alex. This is why I am voting for Ryan Fazio for State Senate, and I encourage my Democrat friends to show courage and do the same.

Pat Sasser

(Greenwich Free Press, October 17, 2020)

Ryan has the energy, vision, and experience to help turn things around in Hartford. His optimism, his commitment to our neighborhoods and our people, his academic understanding and practical experience with our economy, and the time he has devoted to helping residents in Fairfield County – often choosing to volunteer his time to help others despite an ongoing senate campaign and the demands of his professional work – is what we need in Hartford.


Martin Blanco  

(Greenwich Sentinel, July 31, 2020)

Elect Ryan, and send a clear, loud message to Hartford that we need change. We need a fresh approach to lead Connecticut in this challenging time; join me in voting for Ryan Fazio November 3.

Lolly Prince

(Greenwich Free Press, October 25, 2020) 

In considering who to support this coming November, Ryan’s message resonates in addition to the work he has done to help our communities during the pandemic, his campaign offers a vision for a renewed commitment to Greenwich families and young people.


Mario Lopez

(Greenwich Free Press, August 8, 2020) 

When tolls were on the table, we watched as our elected officials and our state senator engaged in every semantic acrobatic possible to ensure we got stuck with yet another tax and further erode our quality of life in Connecticut. In that time, Ryan was out there, vociferously fighting for us and letting the state know how we opposed tolls.


Jill Capalbo, D.C., C.C.S.P

(Greenwich Free Press, August 11, 2020)

The ability to listen and work with others is critical to our democratic process. I have complete faith that Ryan Fazio will be able to do both. He has good ideas and has demonstrated an ability to listen and lead.


Richard Kriskey

 (Greenwich Free Press, September 21, 2020) 

Ryan rolls up his sleeves and gets involved whether it is to help with the storm clean up, volunteering at charter schools and Meals on Wheels or distributing masks during COVID.


Jane Sprung

(Greenwich Free Press, October 3, 2020) 

Many of us have worked hard with our neighbors to help make this a successful community. We all deserve a State Senator who will represent us with a cognizance of this commitment and who will take the same level of determination to the state capitol.


George Fox

(Greenwich Free Press, August 29, 2020)